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All Over Printing

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All Over Print in three colors, printed with discharge inks.

All Over Printing is what we do! All over screen printing is one of our most sought after specialties and Spreading Ink offers all over printing with minimums starting as low as 144 pcs per design with capabilities of producing 2-3,000 prints daily.

Our all over screen printing methods produce a true simulated belt print and can cover an entire shirt on all sizes up to 2XL from sleeve tip to sleeve tip. Like a belt printer, when Spreading Ink all over prints on t shirts, the shirts lay on top of a platen while printing and not over one. This gives us the ability to print your graphics right to and off the edges of the shirt in all dimensions, and gives you a true all over print on shirts up to 2XL in size. We have been doing all over screen printing for several years now and multi-color prints with tight registration is one of our most sought after specialties. All over printing does require specific art requirements and for more information and tutorials on how to lay out your graphics for all over printing click here.

All over printing is a specialty process and does require the customer to be a more educated print consumer - we recommend you spend some time browsing the information here which will go a long way toward educating you on our processes and helping you get the end product you desire.

How do we do it?

The first step in all over screen printing is to get your art in a format that is suitable for screen printing and laid out in a manner which will give you the desired results. All over printing is done at one graphic size to cover all sizes of garments - please click here for more information about how to lay out and create your graphics for an all over print.

Since an all over print is done on top of the platen there must be a way to hold your shirt still during the printing process. We accomplish this on multi-color prints by applying a starch based adhesive put into the garment in order to allow for tight registration and then smoothing your shirt out flat prior to printing. Not to worry - our adhesive has been specially formulated to leave no sticky residue after the printing process!

All Over Print on dryer belt.

After the starch in the shirts has had time to setup, your shirts will be put in queue for production. Our all over presses have been designed from the ground up to accommodate this type of printing - don't be fooled by competitors that are using substandard equipment not designed for this work as this is critical to your shirts coming out just the way you envisioned. We have capabilities of printing up to 8 colors in an all over print, but like other types of prints, the more colors in your design the more it will cost to produce. Unlike other screen prints, with all over prints the more color you put into your design the higher the likelihood that you will have some rejects due to registration.

Each side of the shirt prints separately and a shirt with an all over front and back print will go to press twice prior to being completed. For this reason 'wrap' prints are not easily done and will most likely require special planning at the artwork development stage to work due to an inability to register the front artwork to the back art perfectly across multiple sizes of garments.

We currently offer all over prints with up to 8 colors, but we do need to see your graphics prior to accepting a print job. There are some general rules for all over print art that should be followed in order to give you the best result please review all over printing art requirements for more information.

What can I expect?

All over printing is not a perfect process. Unlike other screen print methods where your shirt is securely adhered to the printing platen, on all over prints the front of the shirt will be adhered to the back of the shirt - which, in turn, is adhered to the printing platen.

All Over Prints fill a dryer belt quick!

Common print issues you may see include:
1. Some areas that don't print perfectly due to folds in the shirt.
2. Some inconsistencies where the print goes over seams, collars etc.
3. Slight color to color registration issues on multicolor prints. Typically registration which is off by less than 1/8 of an inch is considered acceptable and will not be labeled as a misprint. While most of your print run will likely be perfectly registered it is not uncommon for a few shirts to have color to color registration issues within a run.

If you look at most all over prints in mid tier department stores you will see a good sampling of what to expect. If you are expecting Affliction style quality be prepared to have a larger percentage of rejects or you might want to also consider printing the shirts as a flat goods prior to garment construction.

All over printing is best accomplished using water base or discharge inks. This allows your print to feel like the fabric and not have a heavy 'hand' or plastic feel to the print. If plastisol is used (where a specific color is requested and cannot be matched with a waterbase system) it is done with a soft hand base added. Please contact us for your specific requirements - we will be happy to share our expertise with you to get you the all over print you desire.

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs, our customer service hours are 9-5 PST. We look forward to hearing from you!